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Kalevala Crochet Along with us

Hello! It’s been a while. Perhaps longer than a while. I find it so difficult these days to keep up with the admin of the website, the social media feeds I run for Be Inspired, as well as running the studio and all the online orders and…well, let’s not talk about the wips. I barely […]

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Colour Packs make Creating Beautiful Things a walk in the park…

  Gosh, where has time gone? Last time we posted here was February. And now June has snuck up on us. Honestly, we need more hours in the day. I would spend them crocheting beautiful things with the gorgeous yarns we have in the shop. A year ago we had Pure Gold and Stylecraft. Yep. […]

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New Workshop using Scheepjes Stonewashed

Julie and I have decided to spoil you this month of Love, with a special Scheepjes Stonewashed pack of 5 colours, 10 grams each, to try out our very own Be Inspired by Hexagon Flowers pattern. The class is limited to 10 people so that we can give you our utmost attention, and at the […]

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playing with colour

…we are so excited by our colour swatches. playing with them over the weekend, we realised just what useful tools they are to have when trying to choose colours. Not only does using them instead of your balls of yarn make a) life easier but b) they are more compact c) your yarn balls don’t […]

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And then she said yes!!

Thinking about it now, we still can’t believe it – she actually said yes! It’s probably going to take a while for the reality to set in – for us to realise that this is not actually a dream anymore. Dedri Uys of the famed Sophie’s Universe is going to join us in South Africa next winter for an exclusive “Be Inspired with Dedri tour”… there they go again – the butterflies are dancing in my tummy and I’m smiling (well actually grinning) to myself :)


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and they danced under a sky of stars

Does a launch ever go as expected? Does anyone ever know whether it went as planned in your head or not? Our launch of Be Inspired, Be Inspired website, our exciting news, and our shops new habitat went off as planned..and more. And more. And more.
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Setting up shop…

[img src=”” alt=”Setting up shop” width=”0″ height=”0″ animate=”fadeIn” ]

Us girls have dreamed about our shop since the day we started crocheting together. What it would look like, what delicious yarns we would stock, those hard to find accessories…oh boy have we been INSPIRED!
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