Does a launch ever go as expected? Does anyone ever know whether it went as planned in your head or not? Our launch of Be Inspired, Be Inspired website, our exciting news, and our shops new habitat went off as planned..and more. And more. And more.
One of our Mr Be Inspireds was tasked/offered to be the tea, and on top of that to bake, on the launch morning, not one, but two fresh batches of scones. He was given instructions that the morning workshop would be 17 people. Afternoon, the same, maybe 18 at a push. You know what they say about the best laid plans?….

Lets start at the beginning. Launching a new website, whilst undertaking a re-branding, and designing, testing and developing THREE new patterns, holding down day jobs, and being wives and mothers and daughters, is not for the faint of heart. But we were excited. Because we had exciting news, new yarns, a new partnership, and new products. Business cards were collected (felt so grown up), stickers were collected, house tidied, stock arrived, shelves tidied, brownies baked and packed and final packing of kits…all ticked off.

The following morning, all hands on deck, and our workshoppers started arriving. We wowed them, inspired them, taught them and all was good in the world.

After a hurried lunch of 5 minutes (eating in shifts!), our afternoon session began. Cars arrived. and arrived. and chairs were added. and added. and added….until there were no more chairs to add. The screens were taken down (sorry Mr Be Inspired, no privacy for you and off to the shop for more flour for those freshly baked scones) and the lounge was incorporated into our studio area. Did anyone notice our deer-caught-in-the-headlights looks? 27 people – yes T-W-E-N-T-Y  S-E-V-E-N!! (thirty with us).

Thankfully we had enough kits and patterns for everyone, and after changing of minds about colours and patterns, our workshoppers settled down to crochet. It was Joyous to see so many people enveloped in this craft. And there were enough scones with cream. And we let 27 people into a secret that we’ve been keeping to ourselves for the last month (and boy has it been hard!)… Dedri Uys from Sophies Universe CAL will be joining up with us on a Be Inspired with Dedri tour next year. Needless to say they didn’t actually believe us!! But it’s true. Winter 2016 sees Dedri coming home to visit. More to follow…


At the end of the day, all went well. Except we forgot to hand out the brownies. (and they were delicious).

Thank you each and everyone who made yesterday so special for us. a LOT of champagne was drunk afterwards (well, not really, because we were so tired, but lets keep the story like that) and we danced the night away under a sky scattered with stars and a low, bright moon xoxoxo