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Us girls have dreamed about our shop since the day we started crocheting together. What it would look like, what delicious yarns we would stock, those hard to find accessories…oh boy have we been INSPIRED!
Knowing that every business has to start somewhere, we tried out the pop-up shop route. But packing, lugging, unpacking, packing, lugging, unpacking is rather…shall we say, tedious? Not to mention how it wrecks our beautiful yarn ball bands. Also, our yarn stock did what our stash does, it multiplied! and had babies! and met new friends. So now, its quite an enviable collection. It needed a home.

In a forgotten about corner, in what used to be the favourite spot in the house and affectionately termed “the sunroom”, the children had invaded. and it really wasn’t looking pretty. So one of the Mr Be Inspired’s got his thinking cap on, and converted some old bookcases into..shop shelves! and then it spiralled out of control. We know we can improve on it. we just need a little time. but what we have done, we think looks beautiful. how can one not be inspired?