I never thought I would enjoy the gentle art of spinning. I’ve watched and admired others doing it, but to be honest always thought – why? There is so much yarn, and colour (especially in our studio shop) and so little time already, I’d rather be crocheting than spinning more yarn.


Jules and Chant trying Drop Spindle

Then. Sheralynn happened. Sheralynn is a master knitter and spinner. She spins by hand on little weeny spindles, and on big ol’ spinning wheels.

Then. Lauren happened. Lauren is another spinner and knitter and crocheter extraordinaire. She brought her precious wheel for us to try. I was hopeless. I tried the top whorl drop spindle. I was hopeless.

Then. Determination set in. When I do something, I need to master it. And if this means conquering it as well, I sure was going to conquer spinning. Two weeks. Of practice.


My first two hand spun yarns



Hand Spun Merino

Then. A Turkish spindle happened. That was all it took, and a little JOY (Ashford Joy wheel which we now own).


First Spin on a Wheel

Hooked. On spinning. Fibre mad. Can’t get enough. The Joy of creating this twist of yarn from this pile of fluffy stuff. Bliss.


Turkish Drop Spindle

When I get caught up in a new trick, I have a terrible habit. I obsess. And being obsessed is much better with friends. So, if anyone wants to learn hand spinning, and although I am no expert, I have passion in bucket-loads, I will start teaching in January 2017. We will also be hiring out our Joy Spinning Wheel (in studio) for those wanting to have a go. We have a lot of fibre from Silky Milky Moon to play with, and it’s really inexpensive. Our Turkish spindles will be in next week.


my Yarn!! A merino and silk blend – stellarfibreworks

Yours in Yarn (and Fibre 🙂 )


Jules and Chants

Be Inspired November 2016