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Wool Studio is the offspring of knit.wear magazine, born of the idea that less is more. With simple silhouettes and intuitive designs, this collection of 21 knitting patterns shows how beautiful animal and plant based fibers shine on a stripped-down canvas. Slow-fashion and capsule wardrobes continue to be at the forefront in the maker-community. Wool Studio speaks to those who relish that mindset–reflection, simplicity, and clarity–in the ultimate capsule wardrobe collection.

Knitting’s top designers explore lace, simple colorwork, cables, and more making these projects not only wardrobe enhancing but skill building as well.  In Wool Studio, every design element has purpose: to enhance your wardrobe and showcase the yarn. The knitting industry’s top designers included in this collection–Bristol Ivy, Emma Welford, Mary Anne Benedetto, Linda Marveng, Amy Gunderson, Sarah Solomon, Veronik Avery, Norah Gaughan, Kate Gagnon Osborn, Lana Jois, Amanda Bell, Andrea Babb, Susanna IC, Kephren Pritchett, Grace Akhrem, and Amanda Scheuzger–have their pulse on what knitters want to make.  With minimalism in mind, so that the process of making the projects is an experience that brings joy and serenity, each shares their unique vision for the modern slow-fashion movement in these 21 breathtaking designs.

Wool Studio is for those who pause, conscientiously select their fibers, and seek contemporary designs made to outlast ephemeral trends. In these pages, find comfort, escape, and elegance worthy of the modern knitter.

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