Do a workshop they said. It will be fun they said.

And it is fun, loads of fun. On the day. Seeing your faces light up when the penny drops and you have your “I’ve got it!” moment. But to get to that point, phew!

Firstly we have to decide what to teach. This is usually based on what we are playing with at that moment in time, what has inspired us, or what we think you would like to learn, or a combination of all three. For example, our Colour Play workshop is inspired by the Patchwork Heart and her gorgeous swatches. But we have evolved the idea and are taking it one step further…but THAT is a suprise.



chunky monkey swatches

We like things to look pretty. Jules is our prettifier. Chants is the brain spew person. Rae is the details gal. And together, we make a team. We don’t always agree, and at times this has pushed our friendship to the limit and tested us, but we are strong and our love for Be Inspired (and each other) is immense.

So back to the planning, lots of lets do this, or we can do that, or how about this etc etc, we eventually decide on a plan. then we work up samples, and send each other pics, and amend and test, and play, and change, and as we go, something resembling a pattern emerges. We then restest, and fix, and finally, finally, the pattern goes into prettifying production.

2015-07-21 14.27.55

block 4 blooming grannies

2015-07-13 22.02.31

photographing and testing

Then comes the winding. and packing. and printing. and more winding. and …during all this, we are promoting and facebooking, and websiting, and the bookings are rolling in! And we are amazed. Amazed at the response. at the support. We cannot remember a workshop that did not run at full capacity. So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Do you see how hard a job we have at keeping on track?! So back to it….


2015-07-23 16.56.12


Our website bookings are going well, and we now don’t have to manually control booking numbers as they are preset. We hope you are finding the process easier as well.

We are busy building our stock of yarn, and we believe our offering is beautiful, and there is something for everyone, from our local Pure Gold, to luxurious Merino’s and hand dyed cotton/bamboo to imported Stylecraft in a rainbow of colours. We are also proud stockists of the yarn bowl from Mobee ceramics. Our first batch are in production and should be in the shop by September. The biggest compliment we have had is that our suppliers love our enthusiasm and get excited to work with us!


2015-08-04 13.10.24

yarn bowl – functional art #thingofbeauty

So, into a week before a workshop it is all hands on deck. Its easier now that we do not have to pack and transport the yarn, but we do have to dispatch the children! and the cat! The husband stays, his scones were GOOD.

So ladies, let me get back to my winding. And will look upon your happy faces on the 29th August and 5th September xoxoxo