and then it grew and grew

once upon a time. there were some girls. who loved to crochet. they took their crochet everywhere and people asked them what they were doing. they started to teach others the joyful art of creating beautiful things by hand. then they started a facebook page. and they made a shop. and built a website. and ordered more yarn. and some yarn bowls. and some blocking boards. and then dedri uys said yes i would love to do a tour with you. and carle said yes you can stock my delicious nurturing fibres yarn. and be inspired grew. and grew.

now these girls have a secret. a secret they need to hold onto for a few more days. and its killing one of them slowly. so shes writing this blog to tell you there’s a secret. a secret that will come out in good time. but until then, shhhhhhh. don’t tell rae or jules i wrote this.


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