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The Spinning Bug has Bitten (Hard)

Hello! I never thought I would enjoy the gentle art of spinning. I’ve watched and admired others doing it, but to be honest always thought – why? There is so much yarn, and colour (especially in our studio shop) and so little time already, I’d rather be crocheting than spinning more yarn. Then. Sheralynn happened. […]

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Our Be Inspired by Dedri Tour 2016 – highlights

Hello! Having just read Dedri’s latest newsletter from Look At What I Made, I got to thinking of the tour that was. It’s still weird that it’s over. BUT we are already planning the next one as well as a retreat..and a guest designer and teacher coming up from Cape Town in October….but first…the tour…. […]

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playing with colour

…we are so excited by our colour swatches. playing with them over the weekend, we realised just what useful tools they are to have when trying to choose colours. Not only does using them instead of your balls of yarn make a) life easier but b) they are more compact c) your yarn balls don’t […]

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It will be fun they said

Do a workshop they said. It will be fun they said. And it is fun, loads of fun. On the day. Seeing your faces light up when the penny drops and you have your “I’ve got it!” moment. But to get to that point, phew! Firstly we have to decide what to teach. This is […]

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