miss la motte hand dyed 100% merino superwash – Lofty Plied is a soft bouncy sock weight yarn that yields approximately 360 metres to its 100 grams.

miss la motte began experimental dying with her mom’s stash and plant fibers. She is a lover of plants and an artists, and these two traits combine to produce the prettiest yarn this side of the equator, and a sought after yarn across the ocean.

Be Inspired has been a supporter and fan girl since the beginning, and regularly updates and adds new miss la motte stock. It never lingers long, so if you love it, get it. Like RIGHT NOW!

Some of these colours are once offs, and not repeatable. As with all hand dyed yarns, the second batch may end up entirely different to the first. This, is the beauty of indie dyed yarns. Small batches means you are buying a unique piece of art.



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