Perle Thread


Perle is a high sheen 100% cotton twisted thread that cannot be split.

#8 thickness is medium thickness.

This thread covers quickly and can be used to create any stitch and is popularly used in schwalam, needlepoint, countered threadwork, jacobbean, blackwork, needle weaving, long & short, candlewicking, stumpwork, raised embroidery, canvas work, dimensional embroidery, Mountellick, ribbon embroidery, Hungarian embroidery, tapestry work, crochet, cross stitch, drawn threadwork, pull threadwork, hardanger, knitting, lacework, redwork, smocking, appliqué & quilt tying & embellishing. And of course, for adventurous types, you can crochet with it!

These are sets of 3 matching colours, 9 metres of each.

Also available in twists of 27 metres and in collections of 16 colours.

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Weight 0.5 kg

True Blue, Morning Glory, Bulrush, Fern, Blue Gum, Golden Privet, Periwinkle, Bush, Orchid, Oak, Sunlight, Blossom, Autumn, Viola, Pansy, Roses, Fairy, Hyrdangea, Aster, Berries, Forget Me Not, Lavataria, Plum, Mango, Lemon & Lime, Gold, Touch of Grey, Aquatic, Olives, Cabbage, Baskets, Moss, Mud, Lavender, Camelia, The Sea, Coppertone, Peacock, Grapes, Xmas Red, Winter, Desert Sands, Flame, Antiquity, Wine Glow, Brass, Daffodil, Freesia, Fuschia, Cypress, Sri Lanka, India, Mexico, Forest, Cloves, Holly, Iris, Xmas Green, Thatch, Snaps, Granny, Hellibore, Clematis, Harvest, Maple, Wildlife, Apple, Strelitzia, Woodlands, Waterlily, Foxtail Fern, Bark, Ocean, Ash, Papaver, Nasturtium, Gladiolae, Salvia, Stocks, Larkspur, Clarkia, Geranium, Ajuga, Birch, Tropicana, Mist, Verdon, Reflections, Good on Black, Marigold, Panarama, Herbs, Tulip, Spring, Delphinium, Candytuft, Honeysuckle