Miss Molly Lace


Sweet Skeins –

“Inspired by light, life and love, our yarns inspire you to create, have fun and to be happy making things unique to your craft of knitting. Sweet Skeins hand dyes small batches of yarn that are one of a kind and original every time”

Should you want more than just one or two of these special skeins please rather contact me and I will see if we can get some custom dyed for you. Due to the nature of an indie dyer’s small scale operation, it is impossible to get exact repeat colours, which is in itself the beauty of this type of dyeing. So if you need 6 skeins and there are only two for example, leave those two skeins in the shop and email me a request for a similar (won’t be IDENTICAL as not machine dyed) colour.


100% Superwash Merino

650m = 100 grams

Miss Molly. She’s a deceptively floofy ball of floof. Miss Molly has a hard start to life, and it’s now my task to make life sweet as candy. Miss Molly has a jealous streak, so make sure that you greet her first. She’s the apple of her human dad’s eye, and is asleep by his face every single night. Her coat is silky and full of colour, just like this beautiful lace yarn.

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