Hufflepuff Socks


Hufflepuff Socks. Who are Hufflepuffs? Quite simply, they’re¬†good¬†people who do the right thing.

The main body of the sock is knit using ColourSpun Skinny Stripes hand dyed merino sock weight yarn, and a cowgirlblues merino sock twist finishes off the heels and toes. It is no easy feat to hand dye a self striping sock yarn, and these mini stripes are perfection, with a yellow and black stripes, the hand dyed nature of the yarn adding to the delight! The merino is soft, these socks are delicious.

The Full Set includes 2 x 50 grams ColourSpun Skinny Stripe merino in Slytherin colours, and 1 x 50 gram Gold Lang Jawoll

Each set will come with a Harry Potter inspired stitch marker, handmade by Clay Cloud Creations especially for Be Inspired. The choice marker you receive will be a surprise! The one shown in the pictures is the Sorting Hat.

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full set with heels, toes and stitch marker, just the stripey yarn