Fun Sew In Labels


Bored with those run of the mill labels? Handmade with Love (when actually you swore a lot), Love stitched in (when actually was more like blood, sweat and tears), and so on?

These labels have been especially printed on ribbon, using laundry safe ink, for Be Inspired. Designed to be sewn into seams, you can use them on all manner of handmade items. You can also fold the ends in to sew them flat onto hats, blankets, etc. Why not sew them to the outside for a talking point?

Each set will have 2 of each label:

No, I won’t make one for you.

Made of blood, sweat and my amazing skills.

Handle with care. I spent so, so, so much time on this.

I fucking made this! (if you don’t like sweary words I apologise, give this to a friend who will appreciate it!)

Labels will not be packaged in plastic (where possible I avoid plastic wrapping) and will instead by slipped inside your parcel, because you will be buying yarn as well, right?!

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