Dorset Buttons Starter Kit


Following a most enjoyable class with Linda from Linda’s Treehouse at Thread Handed in March 2020, I asked Linda to put together some kits for Be Inspired as so many of you expressed an interest in my Dorset Buttons.

The Dorset Button kit consist of notes for a simple dorset button, and a variation along with a variety of “rings” in different sizes and three different, random coloured embroidery threads to get you started. (Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat)

All you will need is a small darning needle.

If there are any colours you are adverse to please mention in comments. The yarns included ar to give you an idea of type and thickness and you can always add more colours, now or later.

Please Note: Linda Tacke has put these notes together for us, and they are COPYRIGHT. They are for your personal use only and you may not copy, distribute nor use them to teach classes.

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