Crazy Change of Scenery


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Zauberball Crazy 75% Virgin Wool and 25% Nylon.
Whereas other synthetic fibers persist in the environment for decades before they degrade completely, natural composting processes decompose the biodegradable polyamide fiber in these Zauberballs in around five years. As with other natural fibers, the degradation process does not occur in daily use.
A wonderful, self-striping, yarn! Two ply, each dyed separately then twisted to give a unique variegated look. Such good fun to knit or crochet with! And definitely not just for socks!
420m = 100g
needle size: 2-3mm (but I use a 4mm for shawls and blankets, sweaters)
care instructions: machine washable
Suitable for socks, shawls, garments, blankets. Especially fabulous for colourwork!
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