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Community Heroes – without you, so many of our areas would not still be standing, our shops would ALL be looted and burnt, our residents panicked and unorganised.

On Monday night, 12th July 2021, I was in constant contact with my sister-in-law, Candice Leth. Her family, my brother included, were at the mercy of the mobs gaining entry to their suburb of Malvern, Queensborough. Gunshots rang out, people running up and down the street. They were terrified. Their only weapons were baseball bats and kitchen knives. The same scenes were playing out all over KZN, with looting and destruction of property, warehouses, factories, shops and malls.

The image on these buffs is a mural painted on their house, by my brother Uno Bear and Candice Leth, and her daughter Sinead. The image has since gone viral, been used in several videos, as a symbol of hope, peace and unity. People have made posters, put it on their gates and several reporters have interviewed the family. We decided that we need to use it to give back to the organisations that quite literally saved us when our government could not. The Community Policing Forums of Malvern and Kloof will receive a 50:50 share of a portion of the proceeds. For each buff sold, R50 will be given back to the community, to ensure they have funds to continue their good work. No admin fees will be taken by Be Inspired. This is our way of saying thank you.

This initiative has been approved by both of the CPF’S that will benefit.

If any businesses wish to support this initiative, and need to order a large number, please contact me directly at

Thank you for all the love and support and messages. Community is everything. Together we are stronger. Love over hate. Unified.

Each buff is packaged with a license disc sticker.

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