Comfy Caramel


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Durable Comfy is a soft yarn made of 100% microfibre acrylic, which makes it a premium acrylic yarn.

Microfibres are extra fine fibres with a natural touch, These fibres give Durable Comfy a light and soft structure and simultaneously ensure that the yarn is strong and durable. Durable Comfy can also absorb and drain moisture well, This means crochet and knitting projects feel less clammy in warmer weather (this is my biggest bug bear with normal acrylics).

This is an ideal yarn for garments, scarves, shawls or hats. Also perfect for a blanket – plenty of options.

Available in 58 colours.

100 grams = 266 metres

needle/hook: 3-4mm

gauge: 22 stitches x 33 rows /10 x 10cm

Sport weight (between sock (+-400 metres to 100 grams) and double knit (+-170 metres to 100 grams)

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