Addo Silk Brushed


Stucken Yarns, previously Mohair Spinners South Africa (MSSA) is a leading industrial yarn spinner who focus on spinning predominantly natural fibres including Mohair, Wool, Silk, Alpaca and Linen and pride themselves on being one of the most versatile spinning mills in the world.

Addo Silk Brushed is a blended yarn: 62% Alpaca, 10% Silk, 19,6% Wool, 8,4% Nylon

The result is a big floofy yarn, with a centre core and then a large halo

400 metres to 100 grams

This yarn is ready to dye, but depending on what dye you use you may need to mordant it first. Should you be embarking on a natural dye journey your best resource is an online dye workshop with Rita Trafford. Please email me  for her details.


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